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Short Videos & Animations by Nikolas ® Schiller
Equipment used: Canon S200 digital camera, Sony DCR-PC1,
Photoshop, Illustrator, Bryce, Flash MX, & Final Cut Pro 3

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"Bush Replicate"
My Valetine to president Bush
"More Bush than anyone ever wants to see"

Interactive Quicktime VR Environment
"DC Molecule"
A short animation using a satellite image of downtown DC from Space Imaging
"Mother Earth"
A short animation using a nude female figure inside of a completely mirrored box with the Ganges River Delta as her body's texture. There are two flaws in this animation.
"DC Lenz Complete"
A series of animations using imagery from downtown Washington, DC
Reference the "DC Lenz #2" poster
"Lenz Project Panorama"
3D Quicktime Panoramas from the
"Lenz Project"
In size 1024 & 2400 sizes for better zooming
Also check out Brussels, "Dutch Bissau," and "Boxes of Earth."
"Brussels Lenz Zoom"
Short animation of an altered
satellite image of Brussels, Belgium
given the Lenz treatment
more "Lenz Project" images
"DC Lenz"
Multiple short animations of a
satellite image of Washington, DC
given the Lenz treatment
more "Lenz Project" images
"Olympic Lenz"
Satellite images of various Olympic
venues around Athens, Greence
tucked inside of the Olympic rings
stills images: 1600 | 1024
more "Lenz Project" images
"Map Cube"
Satellite images of cities
around the world on a cube
Ikonos satellite photo of the
World War Two Memorial zoomed
in at a 45 degree angle
"E Street Risk Analysis"
Created for a GWU Geography class
Flash presentation uses video, satellite imagery, and risk analysis to show security laspses in downtown Washington, DC.

"The Recycling Room"
Shows how trash chutes in high-rise apartment buildings can be altered to become on-site recycling centers.
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